James Hetfield’s CFL

Posted on June 4, 2013

Built by West Coast Choppers and looking pretty badass in this photo. Clicking through for more shots (scroll down), they’ve extended the handlebars, added a bunch of chrome, and popped in a sissybar afterthefact. You know, if you’ve got the dough to spend on a custom CFL from Jesse James especially one that looks this good, wouldn’t you keep it “stock”?

Class/Styling: Chopper
Frame: WCC/CFL, Single Uptube (Swedish)
Gastank: Wassell, Frisco Mount
Motor: Harley Davidson, Knucklehead, Kickstart, Open Primary, WCC LBC Pipes
Oil tank: Barrel / Keg
Paint: Black, White, Silver, Pinstripe
Seat: Potato Chip (WCC)
Suspension: Springer, Rigid/Hardtail
Tires & Wheels: Standard 40-80 spokes

(via buttpee)

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