JVLT 014 Furniturebike

Posted on May 8, 2014

How exactly is this thing standing up?

Ah, the true beauty in sculpture is always what’s not there. Loving the colors and the wooden details. This is not a functional motorbike. Looks like one, but mostly functions as a conversation piece. I don’t care… I just want to ride it.

“All the pieces of the motorcycle are then reinvented and corrupted with new elements coming from the house world. The front light is inspired by the old classic table lamps, the tank is thought as liquid container and is made by glass and cork, the seat is composed by slumped wood and felt, the abacus, in the end, is the counting archetype and takes place of the odometer.”

Learn more at Northeast Custom’s JVLT 0014 site.

(via lecontainer, returnofthecaferacers)

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