Shinya Kimura

Brilliant short film by Adam Richards and Henrik Hansen about an inspiring motorcycle builder, Shinya Kimura. Really captures the indescribable Zen that exists riding a motorcycle.

Suzuki T500

Stunning color palette, beautiful bike.

BSA 441 Board Tracker

Beautiful bike as featured on Rocket Garage. There is nothing I love more than simple, small, and sleek on a motorcycle. Give me a small motor pushed to it’s limits any day over a huge big-block monster that we all know hauls ass.

Farmer’s Racer

Beautiful little rural bike, with an exquisitely detailed blog.

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Hang In There

Lovely moment from the Art Forever Exhibition Photo Project

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Squadron Rootbeer Kawasaki

Nice little, low, root beer-colored, parallel-twin bob.

Love that hair!

Some great devilish hair by Dusty Neal (via Tattoo Snob)